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If you ever have been wondering whether there’s a way to experience something beyond default Android, Lucky Patcher is the only way.

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Paid apps for free
License verification
Block ads
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A tool that works for you

Lucky Patcher app modifier allows you to get access to android games for free. That means Lucky Patcher removes all the restrictions imposed by Android on their system. This is not made for cracking purposes.

Yet, with this you can have an array of benefits that a normal Android user cannot have. For instance, rooted apps and features, unlimited coins, games and modes could be stated.

Available on all Android devices from 2.3.3

Lucky Patcher app modifier

Features In Lucky Patcher

Blocks advertisements

Lucky Patcher helps you to have an undisturbed user experience by blocking the irritating google ads

No licence verification

This feature in Lucky Patcher allows you to enjoy apps without wanting you to register app licence.

Buy paid apps for free

Lucky Patcher also by-passes In-App verification. So that you can install without verifying purchase

Remove unwanted permission

Unwanted permissions always make you feel scared. Lucky Patcher removes them from apps.

Custom mods

With this you can personalize your Android phone with custom mods for apps despite Android restrictions.

Changes values

This feature allows you to change/increase values like coins, scores and levels in games and most of other similar apps.

Backup apps

With Lucky Patcher, you can back up the apps downloaded from playstore as well as the apps you modified later.

Modded Play Store

Gives a modified version of official Play Store with an option to disable updates, have free apps, change DPI and more.

What Lucky Patcher Can Do?

How Lucky Patcher works

Lucky Patcher gives both rooted and non rooted solutions for you to have an amazing Android experience. Some of the most advanced features demand root access while some others do not. By downloading Luckypatcher you can have a well customized smartphone with no restrictions and limitations.

Lucky Patcher for Android

Lucky Patcher acts as a tool for Android users with which they can modify apps, have a modded Play Store, block ads and more. This is actually not a malware/fatal app that harms your smartphone.

Yet, google usually shows a warning when you are downloading this tool as it is not certified by them. It doesn’t necessarily demand root access in order to experience Lucky Patcher features. But if you want advanced features, yes it will.

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How to use Lucky Patcher

How to remove Google Ads
  1. Download Lucky Patcher apk file
  2. Open Lucky Patcher app
  3. Select the app you want to remove ads from
  4. Once selected, a drop down list will appear. Select “Menu of Patches” there
  5. Select “Remove Google Ads” from the next appearing menu
  6. Apply
  7. Wait until it is patched
How to create custom patch
  1. Give internet access first
  2. Launch Lucky Patcher app and select where you want to use custom patch
  3. Then select “Custom Patch” option.
  4. Tap “open menu” or “Patches” option
  5. Tap on any of your desired custom patch available app according to your requirement

Note: In case you wanted to return to the original settings, you can undo the change by selecting “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore” option.

How to remove permissions
  1. Tap on the app/software you want to remove permissions and select “Change Permissions”
  2. Select Permission for disable (red);
  3. Select Permission for enable (green);
  4. Tap on Apply (Reboot).

Note: this is an unstable method

How to create modified APK
  1. Launch Lucky Patcher
  2. Tap on the application/Software and from the menu appearing, select “Create Modified APK”
  3. Then select “Patch for Modification of APK”
  4. Modified file will be in folder /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified/
  5. This modified app will not be the same as the original one as it always makes ready with back up
  6. Use the option to create a new modified apk with patches
How to remove license verification
  1. Download Latest version of Lucky Patcher and install
  2. Open it and Grant root access.
  3. Search & select the app that has License verification you want to remove. (You will notice “License Verification Found” below the app)
  4. Tap on and select “Open menu of patches”. Then select Remove Licence Verification.
  5. Tap on “Auto mode” and apply.
  6. Congratulations. Now the app licence is removed.
How to change app values (Without rooting)
  1. Launch Lucky Patcher App and select the app that has in-app purchases.
  2. Tap on “Open menu of patches”
  3. Select “Create modified APK file”
  4. Wait until the rebuilding app process is completed
  5. Now uninstall the hacked game completely.
  6. Finally open file manager and navigate through path SD Card> Android> data> com.forpda.lp> files> luckypatcher> modified> required game
  7. Now you are free to find your modded game.(Free)
Lucky Patcher games

Best Lucky Patcher Games

You can unlock an unlimited number of games and get access to enjoy more with Luckypatcher.

  • Hungry shark evolution
  • Bloons TD
  • Robbery Bob
  • Street fighter 2
  • Stick war legacy

Find the latest Lucky Patcher Game List [Updated 2020] for more information about modified / modded games

Lucky Patcher for iOS

Lucky Patcher for iOS?

Lucky Patcher doesn’t have support for iOS for now. But you don’t have to worry as there are few alternatives which give you almost the same Lucky Patcher experience. Read more on Lucky Patcher for iOS.


How to download Lucky Patcher?

Downloading Luckypatcher is not difficult. But you need to find the accurate source. download Lucky Patcher here to enjoy now without hassle.

Which games are hacked in Lucky Patcher?

There are an unlimited number of hacked games in Lucky Patcher. To find them ,read the best Lucky Patcher hacked games.

How to use Lucky Patcher

You can use Lucky Patcher with or without rooting. So how to use Luckypatcher depends on how you want it. Read how to use Lucky Patcher to know the step by step process

Do I need to root my phone to install Lucky Patcher?

No. You can install Lucky Patcher without rooting. But patching apps might ask for root access depending on the apps and functionalities you want on your phone.

Is it possible to download Lucky Patcher from play store?

No. Lucky Patcher is an android modifier app, Therefore Google doesn’t let you have this in Play Store.

What are the alternatives for Lucky Patcher?

To name some Lucky Patcher alternatives, Leo Playcards, CreeHack, AppSara could be stated. To find out more details, go to best Lucky Patcher alternatives.

Is Lucky Patcher legal?

Lucky Patcher is not illegal by law. But if you root access, it will void your phone’s warranty.

Is Lucky Patcher free?

Yes. Lucky patcher is totally free.