Lucky Patcher for iOS
Nov 11, 2019 in Lucky Patcher alternatives

Lucky Patcher for iOS

Lucky patcher is a third party app modifier which gives the android user to block google ads, by-pass app verifications, change in purchase currency values, game coins and many more. It is obvious that with the unique features of Lucky patcher, iOS users have already started finding ways of installing lucky patcher for iOS devices. Unfortunately, Lucky patcher support is not available for iOS yet. But the good news is that there are some good lucky patcher alternatives for iOS that does almost the same good function as lucky patcher. Let’s find out what alternatives are available for lucky patcher especially for iOS users.

  • TaigOne
  • TaigOne is a third party app that enables iOS users to have thousands of app modifications, free versions and customizations. This includes both jailbreaking and non jailbreaking methods. If you are an iOS user looking for a Lucky Patcher alternative. Download TaigOne for iOS apps and themes.

  • AppSara
  • AppSara is another lucky patcher alternative app that allows users to experience in-game purchases without spending a penny. With this you can enjoy your favorite game with an unlimited number of coins and currency without having purchase.

  • Yiti
  • Yiti is an app store that offers iOS users to enjoy paid app versions for free. This does not require you to jailbreak/root access for your iPhone/iPad. Get paid iOS apps for free and enjoy without jailbreaking your device.

  • iAP Free
  • iAP Free app offers you free versions of games. This by passes the app purchase step and lets you play the app without paying a dime. Not only does it avoid the payment step, it also allows you to unlock premium versions, score points of games etc. This is an app you should try if you have been searching for a lucky patcher alternative.

  • iAP Cracker
  • iAP Cracker is another cracking app for iOS. Here with this cracking app you can by-pass In-App purchases of offline apps and games. But this app requires a jailbroken iOS device with Cydia installed on it.

      These are the best lucky patcher alternatives for iOS. By downloading them, you will get a whole new experience of the iOS platform